.Attention:  Military Research Program Directors, Procurement Officers
C.O.'s of Aggressor Training and Squadrons

Previous Government Contracts:      


  • SQT Live Aircraft Track Exercise

  • NATO SeaSparrow Project

  • SARTIS II Project

  • Cruise Missile Simulation @ NATO ships

  • AEGIS System Quals

  • Contract Military Safety, Instructor, Aggressor and R&D Pilot

  • Homeland Security Exercises and sorties



NCAGE: - Active CCR

DUNS:  Active

TIN: Active

Clearance: Secret

FSC's: 1550 - Controllable Drone

W015 - Lease of aircraft

7999 - Performer - airshows


Direct access to the most cost effective subsonic adversary aircraft and controllable drones available anywhere in the USA.
Years of experience under contract with Several U.S. military & government agencies, several military research and adversary contracts.
The L-39C envelope is from 90 to 450 Knots and 10' AGL to FL 320.
The Super Albatross L-39S opens up the envelope to 550K
Over Land or 150 NM Feet Wet
Aircraft are full IFR, GPS &real-time satellite weather radar equipped
Contracts available from 1 day to 12 months ++
Astradyne is responsible and capable for all maintenance and spare parts availability
Guaranteed performance and 100% flight availability, while under contract.

Please surf our website ( www.allens-airshows.com) here and more fully appreciate the cost effective, high level of mission capability, professionalism and safety that Astradyne and the L-39 Albatross can bring to your fast track, budget challenged project or mission.  

Then email us at Atilla39@cs.com or call us at 215-887-6289 (NAVY) for contract availability and a guaranteed, all inclusive quote per flight hour and briefing times.


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