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Allen Smith



Aviation Biographical Highlights   

  • Started flying when he was 14 years old

  • Over 12,000 hours of flight time

  • Almost 1,000 hours in the L-39

  • Flown and rated in 47 different U.S. and foreign military & civilian jet, turboprop & propeller aircraft

  •  Airshow Performer since 1988

  • Performed in more than 215 airshows and exhibitions

  • One  of only 12 pilots in the U.S. with a Level-1 (zero altitude) Aerobatic Waiver in the L-39 Albatross

  • Owns two L-39s and a museum quality restored Navy T-34B Mentor with a 285 HP conversion

  •  Instrument rated

  • Commercial rated

  • Airline Transport Pilot (ATP)  rated

  • Multi-engine rated

  • Experienced contract safety, instructor, aggressor and R&D pilot for the military

  • F.A.A. Certified Flight Instructor – CFI

  • Certified Flight Instructor – Instruments – CFII

  • B.S. in Aerospace Engineering; Masters in Law & Chemical Engineering

  • Has built 3 homebuilt projects in his 3,000 sq.ft. machine shop:

    • Bede 5 Jet

    • Brokaw Bullet

    • Swearingen SX-300

  • Formation qualified

  • Totally restored & upgraded his T-34 and this Beautiful L-39 that you see here today and as seen at many national airshows and aviation events

General Biographical Highlights   

  • Born, raised and based in Philadelphia, PA. 

  • Registered Professional Engineer in 5 states

  • Vice-President of a major BioTech Company, specializing in Human Tissue Engineering and the growing of new organs from patients' own cells

  • Exclusive and joint owner of many US Patents used in the Pharmaceutical industry today

  • Certified SCUBA instructor

  • Allen HAS A SERIOUS NEED FOR SPEED both in the air and on the ground

  • Allen is a nationally licensed SCCA Competition Race Driver and owns 3 race cars:

    • Shelby Cobra w/427ci EFI Roush engine; 615+ HP

    • 2006 Ford GT-40 w/supercharged 5.2L engine; 550+ HP

    • 2007 Ariel Atom w/supercharged 300+ HP engine; The Atom weighs only 1,000 lbs. and on a road, will out perform any motorcycle or Ferrari Enzo

  • Collectively, Allen owns, flies and drives over 6,000 HP of aircraft and race vehicles.

  • Other interests include: wood working, gourmet cooking and sailing. 


The L-39 Albatross Project

  • Purchased first L-39 in Estonia directly from Russian Government and flew it to England 

  • Spent 2 years and did a 100% restoration and upgrade of the L-39

  • Did all of the design, engineering and labor along with his son – Total labor 1,780 man-hours.

  • Designer of a number of L-39 innovations; 3-axis autopilot, “ HUD”,  20 min. smoke system,  airshow gas cannons with awesome muzzle flash & report

  • 2nd L-39 is the test bed for the upgrade of the standard L-39 3,850 # thrust engine by 40% to 5,400 # thrust – New thrust to weight ratio will be better then 1:2

  • New engine conversion to be completed by 10/07

The Super Albatross L-39 Project

  • Currently, Allen and his Astradyne team, are working on the first ever "Super L-39".  This project rests on Allen's engineering mastery, in increasing the power plant of his primary airshow craft from 3,800 to 5,200 lbs.of thrust. The upgrade is expected to increase thrust-to-weight ration to better then 2:1; enough to achieve entry speeds for sustained vertical maneuvers from straight and level, instead of having to dive for the 350 K entry speed for a loop.

  • Allen in on schedule to have all the engineering, fabrication, and test flights completed by August of this summer, and to fly that last part of the ’07 Air Show season in his new, one-of-a-kind Super Albatross.


The T-34B Project 

  • Did complete restoration and total cockpit  conversion

  • Upgraded engine by 25% to a Continental 285 HP


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